About HD Services

HD Services LLC

with brand name is HD Sneaker Cleaning

HD Services LLC (HD Sneaker Cleaning) was established in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2020 by Mr. Le Huy and Mr. Derek Grundy.

The HD brand name stands for “High Definition” with the desire to give you the best experience and satisfaction always when your shoes will look so good that they will have high resolution and quality!

H for Huy and D for Derek. Huy, from Vietnam and Derek from USA, believe in the value of diversity, inclusion, and the power of friendship.

Huy and Derek are both passionate and knowledgeable about the footwear industry and both enjoy helping others and giving back to the community in Vietnam, therefore HD Sneaker Cleaning was the ideal venture to pursue together as friends and business partners.

Our Mission

Spreading shoe cleaning services as well as shoe repairing services becoming popular in Vietnam, HD Sneaker Cleaning always tries to bring great experiences to each customer when choosing our services.

HD Sneaker Cleaning as well as providing the most effective and extensive shoe care products on the market with a professional staff.

By using leading shoe cleaning products, combined with highly dedicated staff, HD Team always delivers the best quality for your shoes from cleaning, repairing to waterproofing.

Always give the highest priority to the needs of our customers, HD Sneaker Cleaning is committed to providing a best experience, understanding, connecting and engaging with customers is the core value of the business.


During 2 years of operation, HD Sneaker Cleaning has quickly proven itself as a prestigious brand in the shoe cleaning industry.

With only 2 years, HD Sneaker Cleaning has quickly accelerated and scaled its business with 1000 customers. All thanks to the positive feedback of our customers, this is the motivation for us to work hard every day.

HD Sneaker Cleaning is contributing meaningful value to the community by partnering with sports organizations, charities and schools.

HD has strategic cooperation with professional and amateur basketball clubs and local businesses of the same value such as VBA 3×3, SPBL, Next Level tournaments.

HD is especially proud to contribute a portion of profits to the Hope Center’s orphanage, Dong Nai province to give back to less fortunate children. We also take pride in creating a green environment and are constantly improving our processes to be eco-friendly, while also participating in sustainability projects such as local clean-up days and plastic awareness event.