FAQs – HD Services

Footwear are one of those most expensive goods. Not like clothes it cannot be washed by washing machince due to materials are very sensitive like fabric, leather, suede, nubuck. They really needed to be taken care with the professional shoes cleaning guys near your location. If you often clean your shoes, their life circle can be expanding for very long time.

Shoe cleaning services at HD Services is completely a manual process where each shoe is taken care of by shoe care experts.

  • Pick-up and Drop-off System – Very convenient if you are busy.
  • We don’t use any strong chemical in the shoe cleaning service or bag cleaning service.
  • High-tech machine for shoes cleaning: steam cleaner, 6 brushes cleaning machine, drying room with right tempature for shoes.
  • Transparent process when customers give HD shoes till HD send them back to our dear customer.

Our services can serve everywhere if you are in Vietnam now not just in Ho Chi Minh City.
To quick booking shoe cleaning service or Luxury bag cleaning services in Ho Chi Minh City you can contact by calling or Whatsapp the given number on website: +84-908-534-106​

Fastest services of HD Sneaker Cleaning are in 24 hours based to the services that you have chosen. HD Services will get return time from customer and feedback immediately also keep updating when we run the order.

Well, the answer is yes. We are not only able to clean the shoes, bag but also repair shoes and bag with high-tech machine and our HD experts.

  1. Sole, Upper Protection services by very high-reputation brand: 3M, Crep Protect, Sneaker Lab.
  2. Glueing/Cement Sole services.
  3. Stitching/Sewing Sole services.
  4. Stitching/ Sewing Upper services.
  5. Cover the topline service.
  6. Repainting sole/ upper/ full service.
  7. Dyeing leather dress shoes to black, brown service,
  8. Custom your shoes to new design service.
  9. Change the new insoles service.
  10. Change the new sole service.
  11. Repair Top Pieces service.
  12. Stitching/ Sewing Bag service.
  13. Change the new zip of bag service.
  14. Bag Dyeing service.
  15. Repainting bag color service.
  16. Luggage bag repair.
  17. Leather bag repair and leather cleaning service.

Definitely we do, if you are in Thao Dien or your place is not further than 5km from our store, we will come to your place by ourself and free delivery.

If you are further than 5km, we will support you with 30% discount by Grab services.

Minimum 2 pairs are required for free pickup and drop.

Shoe cleaning services takes at least 3-4 working days but we always get ready on day 3. We also have the Express Service to clean in 24 hours if you are in rush. In case of any cleaning and repairing need more time, we will update with you as soon as possible to confirm your order status

Customer will have confirmation by receipt or online receipt when HD team get your shoes, bag and check it directly, we will confirm the price, process, time to you and if you are ok with all. We will send you the receipt or online receipt immediately.

When receipt are ready, you can choose to pay 50% deposit or 100% total. The remaining 50%, when you get the result and you are happy with that you can pay it later. If not satisfied, HD will re-do until you are happy or we will send you back your payment.

As our process of shoe cleaning service at HD Services is very transparency which avoids any such harm or damages to the shoes.

Whereas being practical if anything goes wrong HD Services find an alternative to resolve the issue.

We understand as it’s all manual process where in-case such things happen, the conpensation will be processed as per the HD Services Terms & Conditions.

Yes it is Incorporated as HD Services LLC.

If you don’t see the information you’re looking for here, don’t hesitate to talk to us directly.